Past Year CSC401

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My Resume



Personal Details :
Name : Filzah Faiqah Binti Mohd Zarin
Date Of Birth : 17th October 1995
Address : No.17 Rumah Murah, Jalan Selamat, Sungai Udang, 41250 Klang, Selangor.
Marital Status : Single
Phone Number : +6013-3419971
E-mail : faiqah1710@gmail.com

Education :
2013-2015 : Malacca Matriculation College
2011-2012 : SAM Tinggi Sultan Hisamuddin
2008-2011 : SAM Sultan Hisamuddin
2002-2007: SK Telok Pulai
: SRA Darul Ulum
2000-2001: Tadika Islam An-Nur Bestari

Academic background:
UPSR qualification   – 3A 2B
PSRA qualification – Mumtaz (94.2%)
PMR qualification   – 8A 1C
SMA qualification – Jayyid
SPM qualification   – 3A 3B 3C 2D
Matriculation qualification   – 3.69 (CGPA)

Language :
English : speak, read and write
Malay : speak, read and write
Arabic : write and read

Skills and Interest :
– Basic programming (C++)
– Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access)
– Love reading motivative books

Additional Information :
– Bendahari D31P1 (2013/2015)
– AJK Disiplin A4 (2014/2015)
– Setiausaha Biro Pengundian SPRK (2014/2015)
– AJK Kelab Movie (2014/2015)
– Fasilitator MPPB KMM (2015/2016)
– Inspirasi Mahasiswa SMF FSKM (2015)
– Bendahari Kehormat SMF FSKM (2016)


It’s Me

Assalamualaikum wbt and Hi everyone. Today I will let you guys to explore more about myself, which mean maybe you will learn something new about myself and my personal background.

First of all, the name given is Filzah Faiqah binti Mohd Zarin. Just for an extra information, Filzah means ‘sweetheart’ while Faiqah means ‘the best’, and if we combine both we will get the meaning as ‘the best parts of the soul’, that is what my name’s means. I was born on 17th October 1995 (22nd Jamadilawal 1416H) at 7.57am on Tuesday at Hospital Besar Tengku Ampuan Rahimah in Klang. I live in Klang, Selangor.

Basically I am the youngest of two siblings, but the reality is I am the second of five siblings. I have an eldest sister, two younger brothers and a younger sister. This year, they are 22 years, 10 years, 7 years and 1 year old respectively. My younger siblings are from different mother of mine. My mother is 43 years old this year and she work by her own by opening a small stall near my house. She is being doing that work for years. My father supposed to turn 46 years old by this upcoming December. My father left us last January on 24th, two days before my mid test during matriculation.

I act differently sometimes according to situation and people whom I face at that moment. Sometimes I can be childish, annoying, mature, and etc. I guess it is normal for all human being haha. When I was 5 years, I wanted to be a doctor like my uncle’s wife, but when I was 6 years I wanted to be a teacher like my father’s eldest sister. After that I continue with two dreams. Starting from end of 2010 I wanted to be a psychiatrist till I was studying in matriculation I guess. Now, I do not have any idea yet what I want to be or what I will become in the future.

For my education history, I went to Tadika Islam An-Nur Bestari in 2000 to 2001. Primary years I went to Sekolah Kebangsaan Telok Pulai and Sekolah Rendah Agama Darul Ulum in 2002 to 2007. For secondary years I went to Sekolah Agama Menengah Sultan Hisamuddin in 2008 to 2011 and moved to Sekolah Agama Menengah Tinggi Sultan Hisamuddin in 2011 to 2012. Then I continued my study at Malacca matriculation College in 2013 to 2015 as one of of the PDT’s students. PDT stands for ‘Program Dua Tahun’. Now, I am studyng at UiTM Melaka, Kampus Jasin in Netcentric course.

I love to cook and I love to eat. I like to read novels and motivational books, and I have few collection of them. Actually, before, I spent my times on blogging but then I stop because of some reasons. One more important info about me is I really love cats even actually I was afraid of it when I was little.

I think that’s all that I can think now, what to type and tell about me, I should leave, so, see you all in the next post! Before I end this post, I will attach one of my picture. Have a nice day everyone.



A Journey


Assalamualaikum wbt and Hi everyone…

It has been a long time since I stop blogging, but now, I am here again. Do bare with my post and I promise that I will spam your notification hahaha. See you soon!